Mark Weinberg et VSCO Cam

Vscofilm markweinberg 14

Le journal de l’application iPhone et Android VSCO Cam publie une superbe série de photos prises par le photographe Mark Weinberg lors d’un voyage en Norvège.

Bien entendu toutes ont été prises avec l’application VSCO Cam qui est pour moi une application indispensable pour l’iPhoneographe. En l’occurrence celles-ci sont prises avec un iPhone.

Il explique aussi son voyage et son travail et donne un conseil intéressant :

Shooting with a large format camera forced me to work slowly and methodically, examining and controlling every variable, especially the frame. I loved contact printing, which is printing with the negative directly on the paper and thus no enlarging or ability to crop the image. What was on the negative was exactly what was in the print. The different movements available on a large format camera also taught me principles about seeing and framing that I wouldn’t have otherwise learned.

My advice would be to slow down. In the film age, we would study the shot, frame it up, and maybe make some test polaroids but rarely shoot 400 variations. Now, with digital, things have shifted a bit to where I feel like we shoot many more images than we would on film. This can be a good thing. Now, we get to actually see each step in our study. It doesn’t matter if we take 2 or 400 images of a scene, but studying and paying attention is what matters. Digital actually allows us more freedom to experiment than ever before and I love that.